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Sex Q&A

Do you know all there is to know about sex? Maybe you do or maybe you still have a few questions about sex. If after reading the information below you think of a question send  an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question and we’ll get back to you. 

Q: What is contraception?

A: Contraception is meant to prevent pregnancy— a barrier to pregnancy so to speak. Condoms and birth control pills are just a couple of forms of contraception. 

Q: I’m sexually active. How often should I get tested for STD’s?

A: Your greatest risk for being infected with an STD comes from multiple sexual partners or risky sexual practices like oral or anal sex. If you are sexually active it is a good idea to get tested when you have a new partner, during a check-up at your doctor’s office, or if you begin to show signs or symptoms. Keep in mind that many STDs do not have  symptoms or if they do, the symptoms  are mild and can be mistaken for other infections. Remember the only way to not get an STD is to abstain from having sex.

Q: How long can sperm live?

A: It depends on the conditions as to how long sperm can survive once leaving the males’ body. In a woman’s vagina sperm can survive three to five days. Outside of the body sperm can survive a few hours. 

Q: I was told to be extra safe I need to use two condoms. Are two condoms really better than one?

A: No, in this case two is NOT better than one. Using two condoms (also referred to as “Double Bagging”) increases the friction which means the condoms are more likely to rip or tear.

Q: Do I have to tell my boyfriend that I’m pregnant?

A: The law does not require that you tell anyone (regardless of your age) that you are pregnant including your boyfriend.  Having that conversation with your boyfriend may be difficult but the law does provide protection from being coerced into a decision about what to do with your pregnancy.  

Q: What does the birth control pill protect against?

A: The birth control pill protects against pregnancy. It will not protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Q: Can you get pregnant your first time having sex?

A: Yes, pregnancy can occur during a female’s first sexual intercourse. Once a female has begun menstruating it does not matter whether it’s her first time or her 101st time having sex.

Q: If a guy ejaculates near my genitals but not inside me can I get pregnant? 

A: In theory the answer is yes. Anytime sperm gets anywhere near a woman’s vagina she can become pregnant although it is less likely to happen without penetration. Pregnancy is less likely to occur under these circumstances but it is possible.

Q: If the girl doesn't have an orgasm can she still get pregnant? 

A: Yes, a female’s orgasm is not a necessary part of becoming pregnant and there is enough sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid of males to cause a pregnancy.

Q: Can I get pregnant from giving or receiving oral sex? 

A: No you can’t get pregnant from giving or receiving oral sex but you can get Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

Q: Is it possible to stay STI free? 

A: Yes. By not having sex until marriage you can guarantee that you won't have to deal with an STI. If two people get married and have never been exposed to anyone who might have an STI there is no way they can get one. 

Q: Is it possible to wait until marriage? 

A: Yes. More and more teens are making the choice to stay healthy not only physically, but emotionally and mentally, too. 


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