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Pregnancy Myths and Truths

   How much do you really know about sex and pregnancy? Most of us learn about sex from a sibling,          friend or neighbor. What we learn is not always accurate. Let’s take a look at a few of the myths out          there, concerning how to avoid pregnancy. 


The Mountain Dew Myth.  Have your boyfriend down a 2-liter of Mountain Dew before sex and it will lower his sperm count thereby preventing pregnancy. 

TRUTH: The ingredients in Mountain Dew — or other sodas — do not affect a male’s sperm count. So “Doing the Dew” does not prevent pregnancy.

Sex in Water Myth: You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in water. 

TRUTH: Pregnancy can occur in water. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lake, a pool or a hot tub. 

Jump Up and Down after Sex Myth: If you jump up and down after sex it confuses the sperm and they fall out of the vagina.

TRUTH: Jumping up and down does not confuse sperm and they definitely don’t fall out. Even if you jump on a trampoline it won’t prevent pregnancy. And tell your older siblings they need to get their facts straight.

The Smartphone App Myth: As long as your app says you’re not ovulating you can’t get pregnant.

TRUTH: There are many different apps out there that can track a woman’s period and tell you when you are fertile. Your smart phone is smart but not always correct. It does not know your body and therefore cannot always accurately predict when you are fertile or not. It won’t prevent pregnancy.

The Pull Out Myth: As long as your boyfriend pulls out before he ejaculates there is no chance of getting pregnant. Also known as withdrawal. 

TRUTH: Two things to keep in mind: 1.There are always fluids being released even before ejaculation takes place. 2. This takes a lot of self-control that most people do not have in the heat of the moment. Have you heard the true story about the family of five who were all conceived from using the Pull Out Method?

The Gravity Myth: In the movie Knocked Up, the main character says if a girl is on top during sex she can’t get pregnant because of gravity. 

TRUTH: Don’t believe everything Hollywood says.  Sperm can swim upwards!

The Alcohol Myth: Alcohol kills sperm; therefore you can’t get pregnant.

TRUTH: Neither drinking nor taking drugs will prevent pregnancy. Taking alcohol or drugs lowers your inhibitions and ability to make good decisions when it comes to sex. Something to think about; besides not preventing pregnancy, drinking or drugs could cause you to end up regretting your sexual experience.  

The First Time Myth: You can’t get pregnant your first time having sex. 

TRUTH: If you are ovulating it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or your 101st time having sex you can get pregnant. The only way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid having sex.

The Douche Myth: You can’t get pregnant if you douche after sex.

TRUTH:  Douching does not prevent pregnancy.

You Can’t Get Pregnant During Your Period Myth. 

TRUTH: Your chances are slim, but you can still get pregnant.

WARNING: Typing “how to avoid pregnancy” into a search engine does not prevent pregnancy because a large portion of what you may read will be similar to the false facts you read above. 

The only 100% way to avoid becoming pregnant is to abstain from having sex. 

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